One Whole Year

This blog is one year old today. I started with the intention of only really writing one post. I was coming off medication and going through withdrawal and couldn’t find the information I wanted about what was happening to me, so I wrote it myself from an experiential point of view. If you want to see the start then have a look here. I had a completely different post planned for today but I’m stuck in hospital and it’s not as easy to write feeling ill, distracted and without a laptop!

One year of blogging also means one whole year off meds! That’s something I never thought I’d accomplish and I’m still gobsmacked it’s happened! The strangest thing about it is I’ve never felt so resilient. As I’d been on psychotropic medication for a decade, it really became a crutch for me in my mind. I felt like I needed it. Looking back I now honestly feel healthier and stronger off it. Most definitely had ups and downs but I’m much more efficient at handling any hurdles. The only other big change is that now instead of sadness, I feel more anger. I rarely feel low in mood nowadays but I do get angry so I guess it’s something to keep an eye on, although it’s much easier for me to tolerate.

In that year I’ve ended up writing about a load of different things and it’s shocked me how much I’ve ended up loving it. It also baffles me how far and wide the internet can reach. I never once thought I’d have people from Guam regularly reading my content haha!

So unusually there’s no deeper meaning behind this post other than to say thank you for taking the time each month to have a read, thanks for your messages and here’s to another year! If there’s anything in particular you’d want to see going forward as always let me know.

2 thoughts on “One Whole Year”

  1. It’s so exciting to make it a year, off meds, with your blog, and becoming more resilient all the time. I’m glad you celebrated the milestone, it’s good to be reminded that we can still want to make progress without forgetting how far we’ve come. I wish I’d celebrated my blogiversary too now!

    Also, yes to readers from Guam!


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