Blog Every Day in June Day 2 – Sum #BledJ

Today’s word prompt is ‘sum.’

If I were to ask you who you are, what makes you, you what would your answer be? There are endless possibilities of labels we can apply to ourselves; a parent, an employee, a homeowner, a friend, my race, my sexuality, a car enthusiast, a cheese hater, an animal lover?

The list goes on and would inevitably be different for every single one of us. But my guess is that it would be highly unlikely that you would truly define yourself as any one single label because the truth is each of these things contribute to you as a whole. So why is it so common that when it comes to mental health, people feel defined by their struggle or diagnosis? I hear far too often, “I am a depressive, I am anxious” and even in my line of work I hear “he/she is learning disabled.”

Truth is we are more than the sum of our parts. And each label we apply is just one part.

Our intrinsic likes and dislikes, health and experiences inevitably shape and mould who we are but they don’t define us as people. Think of a clock and its many components; the minute hand, the barrel, the cogs and the wheels. Each component individually does not enable you to tell the time, only when pulled together. Even then simply knowing the time is fairly inconsequential, it’s what you do with time that is valuable. It’s the same with us. All our cogs, our parts do sum us up. But it’s what we do with them, how they influence us going forward that matter.

Till tomorrow x

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