Blog Every Day in June Day 8 – Verdant #BledJ

Today’s word prompt is ‘verdant.’

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Suggestive of lush green vegetation, today’s word resonates with me. I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling in my life and as I’ve talked about before in this post it fills me with absolute joy. I have learnt though that extravagant skylines of built up cities don’t do much for me but I’m often in awe of natural scenery and it made me wonder why.

Modern life, in the UK at least, operates at 100 miles an hour. Everybody is in a rush with their face in their phone, with someone to see and some place to be. We don’t even take in our surroundings anymore we go on autopilot. Every morning I drive to work it takes me an hour and I couldn’t tell you what happened on the journey. We become so conditioned to live and work at this pace that we rarely just…stop. When I’m surrounding by nature I’ve realised it’s the only time I truly stop and take stock of what’s around me.

I took the above picture in Halong Bay, Vietnam. It was beautiful there but just a load of water and trees. Nature on the surface is simple, but there’s so much to contemplate if you look close enough; it’s a hub of life. Sitting and being of part of that is a truly sensory experience. In the above scene I felt intense sun on my face, heard a variety of birdsong and smelt the sea air. For me, because it’s organic, I felt like I became part of it whereas I never feel part of an urban landscape, I feel like a transient addition. Being part of a verdant scene forces you out of the speed at which you normally live. It’s humbling; all the mundane shit that occupies your thoughts really doesn’t seem to matter as much. It highlights that you’re just one tiny, fairly insignificant part of this planet and that everything around you will live on long past your expiry date. Some people may find that daunting, I find it liberating.

I’m aware I sound like a complete tree hugging hippy in this post and not everyone will agree or even understand what I’m getting at. I just know that being surrounded by nature gives me space from the everyday and that I feel peace and content for that time. I think we could all do with slowing down.

Till tomorrow x

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