Saying Goodbye.

There’s no word prompt for today, it didn’t feel right after today. So instead, meet Dot.

She’s my giant rabbit, I’ve had her nearly 4 years and she’s my best mate. Today I found out she’s losing her fight, she’s coming home from the hospital tomorrow to spend one more weekend at home and then we’re looking at saying goodbye.

Losing a pet is always horrible but Dot’s my family. I recently moved away from my home town on my own, I don’t know anyone here but I get in to her over the top “YOU’RE HOME” greeting everyday and she never lets me feel alone.

Dot isn’t like a normal rabbit. She was a rescue, she was kept in such poor conditions and from the moment she came home with me she’s been a walking vet bill! Despite her previous neglect she has been the most loving and affectionate companion I could have hoped for. I have her daughter too, and her husbun and the 3 of them are like the musketeers, they’re very close, but like I said Dot isn’t a normal rabbit. Every day when I get home she flies up to me as I walk through the door, she stands up and rests her little paws on my knees looking up and me willing me to give her a treat. She jumps on my bed, she eats things she never should (chocolate orange is her favourite), she goes through my bins, she’s really loud when she runs about my house, she steals my digestives, she sits next to me on the couch making valiant efforts to drink my tea, she grooms me none stop, she flops, she’s clumsy, she’s huge, she’s awkward, she’s a giant pain in the arse but she’s mine. Here’s a quick video of her with my mum and it’s how she’ll be remembered – on form!

This really isn’t easy. Till tomorrow x

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