Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 16 – Rabbit

Today’s word prompt is ‘rabbit.’

How ironic after my post on day 13 about having to say goodbye to my girl Dorothy. Following that I didn’t really know where to go with today’s word! All I’ve done for the past few days is think about Dot and my other rabbits and how everything is soon to change. One thing that this experience has taught me to be very grateful for is the people I have around me. Losing a pet is by no means the worse thing that can happen in life, or that has happened in mine for that matter; but because it’s something I’ve rabbited on about (excuse the pun, couldn’t resist) my friends and family have sort of been forced to deal with my upset!

Despite this they’ve been absolute gems and it’s lovely. I’ve never been a person that has had a lot of friends, I’ve always had a few that are very close and I value those friendships much more than a vague acquaintance. I’ve spent the majority of the weekend in tracksuit bottoms, hair up, no bra and crying and not one of them has judged me, at least not out loud. So whether its been winging me a text, eating chinese food, having a bev, chewing the fat, helping me bath my rabbit in the kitchen sink (seriously), buying me a plant or making 30 second cakes in mugs during an ad break…thank you.

What are you grateful for this weekend?

Till tomorrow x

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