Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 17 – Breeze

Today’s word prompt is ‘breeze.’

I got back in the gym today after a couple of weeks off and I can’t believe the impact a bit of exercise can have on my mood!

The effects of exercise on mental health are well documented; with some literature and research finding that it is as effective in the treatment of depression as antidepressant medication. Many will be aware of the endorphin release that occurs when we get moving. This can help to release tension in muscles when stressed, diminish the perception of pain, improve our sleep quality and ultimately our self-esteem. For me I feel a rush of motivation that I didn’t have previously, a feeling that I can take on the world, I’m strong and resilient.

Despite many both physical and mental health benefits of exercise, when we’re low or anxious it can feel like an overwhelming task to get started. I have some tips in this post on how to find that initial motivation. You don’t have to become a bodybuilder over night and it’s really hard work trying to rebuild strength and stamina, but after a while running that 5K or lifting those weights will become a breeze.

Today’s picture was taken after my workout tonight. Feeling exhausted but optimistic and ready to get back on it, albeit sweaty!

Till tomorrow x

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