Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 20 – Farm

Today’s word prompt is ‘Farm.’

Ahhhh what a day! For those of you that are new here I’ve mentioned before that I have a erm…colourful mental health history. After I came off meds there was a definite shift in not only my coping strategies but also in how I feel. When I’m not in a good place now I’m not really sad anymore but my word am I angry! I have a short temper and everything is doing my head in at the moment, I’m much less tolerant of people’s shit.

When you’re younger and you envision what your life will look like at 26 years old, it wasn’t this. I’m alone, I’m skint and I’m not where I want to be in my career. That’s fine because I know those things are temporary. I don’t want a boyfriend right now, I work hard I’ll find a way of earning enough to keep me going and I’m trying hard to make steps to leave my current job where I’m no longer happy. BUT when I’m sat day dreaming at my desk this is where today’s word comes in. My ultimate dream, the one thing I want out of life before I kick the bucket is to live on a farm.

I’ve spoken before in this post about my love for nature. There’s nothing that makes me feel more at peace that being surrounded by green. Trees and fields paired with my serious love of animals makes a farm my own idea of paradise. I could so see me hanging out with my cows and sheep. I literally saw a job come up last week for cow milker and I was like yesssss. Obviously long term it’s not an earner and I would miss working in psychology and helping people. But it highlighted to me that I need to readdress the balance in my life of what I need to do and what I enjoy doing.

I’m lucky enough to have my horse, Friday and he obviously lives on a farm. I love being there but feel like I’m forever in a rush. So I’m going to make sure I spend more time there which is definitely doable during summer. I’m going to sit in the field, with my horse taking in the sun and watching the world go by. Can’t wait.

Till tomorrow x

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