Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 23 – Help

Today’s word prompt is ‘help.’

Incredibly ironic. I’m currently in intensive care but nothing will ruin my June Challenge. It’s really hard to write so I’ll be brief.

Love one another, never take your health for granted and accept any and all help you can get because it’s never a weakness.

Goodnight x

6 thoughts on “Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 23 – Help”

  1. I cannot believe you have posted this blog at all. For every person who follows my daughter’s blog – she is one poorly sick girl. She feared for her life today. It was incredibly painful to see. She is a sweet, precious human being and her Mum, her Stem Mum and her brother and I watched her fighting hard. She is a brave little flower and she fought for every breath today. Her commitment to writing even these sentences when so weak is testament to her character and determination.

    Well the word for the day is help. She got plenty of that today from the incredible hospital staff, her loving parents, Step Mum and most of all from her brother Tom – who was an absolute rock for her. She is lucky to have you Tom – thank you for being an amazing brother to our little girl.

    When you go through an ordeal like today it is clear that Zoe’s words are quite correct – we all need help and there is no shame in that. Sleep well my little angel and here’s to tomorrow being a much better and healthier day. I love you more than you can possibly ever know. Xxxx


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