Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 29 – Knot

Today’s word prompt was ‘knot.’

What. A. Day.

My stomach has been knots. I’ve been on a new level of on edge today. I collected my giant bag of medication from the hospital, took it and it literally knocked me out. Dot was back at the vets and got the all clear which is incredible given I was told to say goodbye 2 weeks ago. I had a meltdown in a clothes shop because of my weight and didn’t buy anything. I picked arguments with people. I was really mad, really sad and now really tired.

I’m really want to start feeling better so I can write again. I’m writing each day for the sake of it at the moment because I was determined to do a month. These posts have no value for anyone and that’s irritating because that’s why I started this. Going to make a big effort after a short break to get back to where we were. I’m going back on holiday next week and it’s SO needed!

Till tomorrow x

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