Warning – unpopular opinion.

Ready for the backlash from this post but my god I’ve had enough.

I have absolutely zero faith in men as a group of people.

I’m well aware I’m hugely generalising and this isn’t a post to just bash and hate but I’m at a point where it’s unbelievable. Due to past experiences, I am already wary and somewhat guarded for good reason, but I’ve inevitably ended up trusting which has not proven to be a wise decision as of yet. Today I was stood with my back to a room of people and a man came up behind me and with no warning fully grabbed my backside with both hands. I shot round and he got more than earful to which he replied with, “Jesus love take a joke.” Nothing about you taking handfuls of me without warning is a joke.

Mere hours later we witness an incredibly aggressive man continuously shout at his partner till he grabbed her by her head and hair and screamed in her face. He walked off and left her in tears. She wouldn’t leave with us.

Several groups of men approached us and after politely explaining we’d rather be alone, they got angry.

In my personal life, in public, in so many scenarios constantly over years I still get shocked and why? From unwanted sexual advances to gaslighting to controlling behaviour to pure douchebaggery, I’m done. I know it’s not exclusive to men it should probably be a lack of faith in humanity in general but it’s hard when there’s a developing pattern.

I’m sure this will irritate people, I’m sure I sound like a bitter and twisted woman, maybe I am. I’m angry.

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