The End

So that was it, 30 days of blogging every day throughout June all done! And what a month.

I started off with the purpose of each post being meaningful, albeit with the awareness that some would have to be shorter. That didn’t really happen now did it! Although I’ve felt much more connected to my audience and I’ve had some fantastic opportunities come through with growing; do feel that the quality of the posts has slipped. I used to like putting some real thought and research into what I’m talking about whereas you’ve sort of been given whatever has been in my head on any given day! Part of that has been due to the major unexpected stuff/health issues that have come along recently and such is life unfortunately.

Personally some of my favourites have been ‘Night,’ ‘Lost,’ ‘Chase’ and ‘Sum.’ I’d love to know which styles you have enjoyed and enjoyed less throughout the month too!

So where now?

I won’t be blogging every day. I want to get some quality back, ultimately I do this for me and I want to be proud of what I’m putting out there. At some points in June I became more interested in views and numbers and I made a missmentalhealth Instagram. Now I’ve realised that’s not really what I’m here for. It’s a little mini temporary dopamine rush of digits but the feeling of being proud of content that can help people is miles better.

I’ll still blog, and more than I used to but I also finally want to make a start on a dream of mine. My parents will confirm that since I was a really young child I was forever writing plays, songs, a musical (about lions it was bizarre) and stories. It’s only natural that as an adult I want to write a book. I have some ideas and I’m going to bite the bullet and make a start and keep you updated on my progress. I’m also going to make a start of making my house a home so I may do more lifestyle/home type things too! Anything else you’d like to see, any feedback and comments please as always do share I love nothing more than interacting with people who even read a sentence of my ramblings.

Thank you for sticking with me. Till next time x

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