Fate, Chance and Orchestrated Happenstance

I’m back! I’m sorry it’s been a while I’ve been hit with writers block over the last couple of months…for the blog anyway but the book is finally starting to be put down on paper, or laptop at least. Today I got home from work and had a surge of creativity and an impulse to write but didn’t know what about. I had a look at the ragtag daily prompt which always gets me thinking and it just so happens that today’s word is ‘happenstance.’ What timely irony that I coincidently want to get something shared and I’m met with coincidence itself.

Anyway! It did it’s job and got my cogs turning. My question to you is do you believe in fate?

I personally don’t. Instead I believe life is a series of circumstances which are open to chance, inevitably meaning there will be somewhat odd parallels between situations or individuals. Some people cling to fate because I guess it’s easier for us as mere mortals to deal with. It’s almost a comforting idea that events in our lives are predetermined by an unknown omnipotent force; that seemingly meaningless pain does in fact hold some meaning. From these people you will hear phrases such as ‘it was meant to be,’ or ‘everything happens for a reason.’ Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking this mentality and for all we know I might be wrong. I just find that in good times this is a lovely sentiment but in bad times people find it harder to apply. For example, if you walked into a bar and met your future partner, the love of your life and parent to your future children and you lived happily ever after; a fate believer would say something to the effect of ‘seeee it’s a good job you went out it was meant to be that you two met! You didn’t even want to go but you did and everything happens for a reason!’ Now imagine 20 years down the line that partner you’re still madly in love with who you met at the bar drops down dead unexpectedly. I’m pretty sure the fate believer wouldn’t be that popular if their response to your grief stricken state was ‘well you know…everything happens for a reason!’ It’s a tongue in cheek example, but you catch my drift.

Instead I believe in coincidence; that it would have been a happy accident that you met that person in the bar who it just so happens you were compatible with. The truth is it doesn’t really matter what you believe, the reality is that we have little control either way. I’ve recently heard a lot about manifestation: tell the universe what you want and it shall appear. It’s bollocks and I really wish that’s how life worked. I do believe however that we can orchestrate happenstance to a certain extent. Rather than throwing out our desires to a potential entity that isn’t listening, it can be much more fruitful to be an architect of our own future, or at least make a blueprint. Why wait for luck when you can try and chase your own?

Whatever your goal, if you were desperate to land your dream job then go apply, do research, network or increase your chances by up-skilling. If you’re desperate to find love then go somewhere new, take a chance on striking up a conversation or pay a compliment. If you’re actively trying to work towards a goal you might never know what could arise as a byproduct. When TB was rife scientists decided a cure had to be found. Whilst trialling they found it had side effects, good ones, and this led to the discovery of early antidepressant qualities for future medication which now helps millions of people.

My point is that no matter what your belief system, there are many doors that are yet to be opened to you. Rather than waiting for fate or coincidence for that matter to show you which one to choose, maybe sometimes just say fuck it and choose one anyway.

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