The End

So that was it, 30 days of blogging every day throughout June all done! And what a month. I started off with the purpose of each post being meaningful, albeit with the awareness that some would have to be shorter. That didn't really happen now did it! Although I've felt much more connected to my… Continue reading The End


I'm home! Doctors weren't over the moon but I feel ready to be treated in the comfort of my own house instead of a sticky germ filled ward! Just sunk into bed with my creature comforts and it feels amazing. I'm a bit all over the place and a little overwhelmed by everything that's happened… Continue reading Home

Saying Goodbye.

There's no word prompt for today, it didn't feel right after today. So instead, meet Dot. She's my giant rabbit, I've had her nearly 4 years and she's my best mate. Today I found out she's losing her fight, she's coming home from the hospital tomorrow to spend one more weekend at home and then… Continue reading Saying Goodbye.

Blog Every Day in June Day 10 – Balm #BledJ

Today's word prompt is ‘balm.’ Before we get started you'll now find missmentalhealth on Instagram @missmentalhealth. Go check it out for extra content and some exciting news from today for the blog! We all have different balms for our wounds. Those things that heal us, that are good for our mind and soul. Whether it… Continue reading Blog Every Day in June Day 10 – Balm #BledJ

Blog Every Day in June Day 5 – Exchange #BledJ

Today's word prompt is '‘exchange.’ I recently keep finding myself wanting to completely switch things up in my life. In today's age of social media it really is hard to not compare yourself and your current situation to everyone around you. The problem with that is, as we all know, people only tend to post… Continue reading Blog Every Day in June Day 5 – Exchange #BledJ