New Year Nostalgia

Over Christmas and New Year 2018 I found myself being bombarded with nostalgia. Although I do very much believe the turn of the new year is really just another day, it is inevitably an ending. Endings of any kind are always an opportunity for reflection on how you experienced the journey to the end. Throughout… Continue reading New Year Nostalgia

The Existential Crisis

It's been a while! How ironic that my last post was about motivation yet it's taken me a month to get my arse in gear and write again. Since my last post a lot has changed in my life which has culminated in feelings which I'll be talking about, summed up by the title above.… Continue reading The Existential Crisis

Happiness; the destination and the journey.

The title of this post is┬áso┬ácheesy but I couldn't have summarised it any better so bare with me. I'm a self-confessed over analyser. I struggle to just accept things as they are and I constantly question what things mean and why. It's a running joke in the family! When I was a child my auntie… Continue reading Happiness; the destination and the journey.