Questions For…Somebody Living with Panic

If you're new here, throughout November I'm talking to people who have their own experiences of mental and physical health problems. My last post was with Jade talking her experience of anxiety and depression. I ask the questions and my contributors give me their answers which will be unedited. Today is Lisa's experience of panic, anxiety… Continue reading Questions For…Somebody Living with Panic

Health, Weight and Feeling Yourself.

So about a year ago I wrote a post on self-esteem, body confidence and the media. I looked at how the current age of social media and unrealistic perfectionism infects us into striving to be something which is unobtainable. It's annoying but something I've never personally felt too pressured by. Interestingly when I wrote that… Continue reading Health, Weight and Feeling Yourself.

Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 14 – Delay

Today's word prompt is ‘delay.’ Due to technical issues in my brain, today's post has been delayed. The last couple of days have absolutely taken it out of me and I just don't have it in me! I like this blog to be a positive place and I can't do that right now. I feel… Continue reading Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 14 – Delay