I’m home! Doctors weren’t over the moon but I feel ready to be treated in the comfort of my own house instead of a sticky germ filled ward! Just sunk into bed with my creature comforts and it feels amazing. I’m a bit all over the place and a little overwhelmed by everything that’s happened […]

Blog Every Day in June Challenge Day 15 – Night

Today’s word prompt is ‘night.’ In my life night time has provided me with two very contrasting experiences. Party. Drink flowing, music blaring, friends aplenty, stupid dancing, heel wearing, dress flaunting, memory making, new beginnings, headache inducing, lipstick smudging, belly laughing, all the eating and most of all, possibilities. Anticipation of what will come and […]

Blog Every Day in June Day 8 – Verdant #BledJ

Today’s word prompt is ‘verdant.’ ***Before I get started this blog now has an Instagram! Search @MissMentalHealth for updates and extra content!*** Suggestive of lush green vegetation, today’s word resonates with me. I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling in my life and as I’ve talked about before in this post it […]